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Youth Voting Involvement Association

Voting Involvement Association Nonprofit (VIAN)

 Leadership Training

March 26, 2016

Leadership Training began at 2:30 pm.

Albert W. (President)
Brenda C. (Secretary)
Howard X. (Magazine Editor in Chief)
Allison C. (Media Coordinator)


VIA At a Glance

  • 501c Nonprofit Organization
  • Organized and run by OC High school students
  • Future expansion to other countries and schools expected
  • Mission: To educate eligible voters the importance of voting and help them to register to vote.

Political Alignment

  • VIA is nonpartisan
  • VIA does not endorse any politicians
  • Members have their own rights to free speech and endorsement but cannot support candidates on behalf of VIA


  • To call attention to the importance of voting
  • To engage the community and especially the youth in voting
  • To help eligible voters register so they can vote.

Importance of Voting

What happens if one votes?

  • Autonomy in choice
  • Better chance of getting desired outcome
  • Perform what one thinks is right.
  • Perform civic responsibility.

What happens if one doesn't vote?

  • Becomes victim of informed slavery
  • Entrusts one's lifestyle to others

One vote matters

  • France almost stayed a monarchy by one vote
  • LBJ was almost impeached by one vote

ETHOS question: Did you abandon others if you don't vote?

VIA Club Benefits

  • Resident's Volunteer Service Award
  • Working in local community
  • Volunteer hours eligible for school
  • Unique experience
  • Get to know one's community
  • Help the community
  • Develop friendship
  • Build leadership skills

What Does VIA Do?

  • Publication is currently under way.
  • Host seminars at schools and public events to help people to register to vote
  • Walk the Precinct to ask people to register to vote
  • Host fundraising events

VIA Structure

Main VIA Headquarters (VIAN) -> Individual VIA School Branches

How to set up a branch

  • Set up a club at school
    • Work with ASB/Student Government
    • Comply with regulations
  • Recruit students to form the board
  • Recruit students to join the VIA Club
  • Allocate time to VIA activites
    • Regular board meetings 
    • Train volunteers on how to help people register
    • Host events at school and public events to help register people
  • Communicate with VIA HQ about events so HQ can update the website and provide any help needed
  • Contribute to VIA publication
  • Participate in certain VIA HQ events
  • Contact VIA HQ for any questions and help.


Registration Training

  • Online Voter Registration: Click here.
  • Key Points on the physical form
    • Voter must turn in form 15 days before the primary election
    • No preference voters will receive a choice of the open parties and are allowed to select one party to vote for. 
      • The 2016 parties are the American Independent Party, Libertarian Party, and the Democratic Party
    • If the voter wants to do vote-by-mail, they have to initial in the section that state that.
    • Voter must sign and date the registration form or it will not be accepted.
    • The CA License vs the last four digits of the SSN - only one is needed.

Walk the Precinct Training

  • Decide on a time
  • Have volunteers sign up
  • Divide the volunteers into small groups
    • One adult chaperone
    • 4-5 students
  • Decide on area and have maps for each group
  • Train all volunteers on the walking before heading out
  • Train volunteers on how to talk to the residents
  • Hand out maps, registration forms, record forms, and talking points flyers
  • Regroup after the walk and collect the registration forms and record forms
  • Discuss experiences after the walk

Safety Training

  • One adult chaperone per group
  • Chaperone needs to stay with the group at all times
  • Never enter the house
  • Don't put anything inside the mailbox
    • It belongs to the government, not the homeowner
  • Don't eat or drink anything offered by residents
  • Stay with the group and never act alone
  • Be polite and don't argue with the residents

Walk the Precinct Tips

  • -State Name of Organization.
  • Know what you are talking about.
  • Don't read off a script.
  • Don't step on other people's lawns.
  • Don't be too close to the doors.
  • Don't trespass.
  • Be polite.

Leadership Training ended at 3:00 pm.

Last Updated: 3/28/2016