Youth Voting Involvement Association

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Voting Involvement Association Nonprofit (VIAN)

 Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2016

President Albert Wen called the meeting to order at 4:00pm

Albert W. (President)
Brenda C. (Secretary)

Veronica M. (Treasurer)

Eva C. (Vice President)

James C. (Event Coordinator)

Howard X., Shannon Z. (Magazine Co-Editor in Chief)

Jack P. (Staff Writer)

Allison C. (Marketing)
Kristy C. (Parent)
Jun Z. (IBM, Adult Supervisor)


Upcoming Events:

Student Poll Working - November 8th, 2016

Mock Elections

IHS successfully held a mock election though VIA

Sage Hill had a mock election, though not through VIA

HS VIA Club Activies

Most HS VIA clubs currently have no large events or activities scheduled

Post-Election Activities

Points of focus

  • Local Politics and Elections
  • State Politics and Elections
  • Mock Elections
  • Voter Awareness
  • Education
    • ​The idea of regular vs board meetings that was brought up a while ago will be put into place.
  • Organize Public Forums for local politics
  • Working possibly with YAT, or Future Chinese Leaders of America


Under the e-magazine tab, we will be putting together an online news-blog. The focus will be on small scale politics and current events. Please have a small, in-date, and relevant article prepared by the end of November, and submit it either through email or bring it to the next meeting.


The 2016-2017 finance sheet will be updated by our Treasurer.


  • Gift Cards (Krispy Kreme, Lollicup, YogurtLand, etc.)
  • OC Register
  • AMC Tickets
  • Restaurant Booster
  • Performances
  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring

Possible Locations for Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Farmers' Markets
  • Sunday Chinese School

Update from Mrs. Chen

This year, on November 8th, it will be the last time there will be a poll working opportunity. After this election, there will be no polling places, it being replaced by vote centers.

ROV will be doing a voting education event. Please contact the ROV or go onto their website for more information. 

Due to the Motor Voter Registration, registering people through walk the precinct will no longer be necessary. Instead, walk the precinct will focus on a more educational aspect. Details will be confirmed later.

We will be using Google Hangouts as our messaging system. Please reply to the Hangouts invitation Albert sent out. If you haven't recieved an invitation, please email Albert for an invitation. Emails are also a main way of communication. Please check them regularly.

Board Member Attendance

Board member attendance will be revised. As of now, please continue to follow these guidelines:

Board members are allowed to miss 3 consecutive board meetings.

If you are not going to be present at the meeting, you must email ahead of time with a legitimate reason, which, if the reason makes  sense, will excuse you.

If you are not present at the meeting, the meeting minutes must be viewed. Then you must offer opinions about the meeting.

For far away members, VIAN is considering using webcams to communicate.

If you have to leave early, you must stay for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If members miss 3 or more consecutive meetings, there will be chances to redeem themselves and to become a board member again.

Board members that are located in a different county are allowed an exception, but attendance is still important.

The next meeting is in two weeks, on Saturday, November 13th at 4:00 PM. The time is subject to change, as is the day. Please be aware of updates.
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Last Updated: 10/30/2016