Youth Voting Involvement Association

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Voting Involvement Association Nonprofit (VIAN)

 Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2016

President Albert Wen called the meeting to order at 3:00pm

Albert W. (President)
Dennis D., Leo L., Shannon Z. (Vice President)
Brenda C. (Secretary)
Howard X. (Magazine Editor in Chief)
James C. (Event Coordinator)
Eva C. (Media Coordinator)
Jason W. (Fundraising Officer)
Ethan L., Tony D., Megan V. (Community Service Coordinator)
Peter W., Grace L., Wendy Z. (Parents)
​Kristy C. (Registrar of Voters Office)
Jun Z. (IBM, Adult Supervisor)


Video: Fair Game - Sean Penn Speech

​Video: Primary Voters Don't Really Look Like America

New Directions

A group of 20 students from LA county wants to join VIAN.

VIAN needs more diverse membership


Recycling Program (plastics, glass, etc.)

Handing out flyers in exchange for payment.

Benefit Concert

Reaching out to other organizations.

  • VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) - Megan V.
  • Irvine High School YAT (Youth Action Team) - Megan V.
  • OC Science - Shannon Zhao, Albert W.
  • The Bishop Crew (partisan)- Megan V.
  • Selina: Works with Chinese homelessness - Eva C.
  • Great American Writing? - Eva C.
  • Irvine High School Writing Club - Megan V.
  • Irvine High School You and MeD - Megan V., Albert W.
  • American Cancer Society
  • Claire: Performer - Howard X.


Research Submissions: James, Leo, Albert, Ethan, and Brenda.

Howard created an outline of the publication. (Link to PDF)

Researchers will be put into groups and assigned a writer.

Publication Assignments:


Megan V.

Gordon P.

Brenda C.

Allison C.

Ethan L.

Elizabeth W.

Tony Z.

Vicky C.

Brenna P.

James C.


Julie W.

Brenda C.


Shannon Z.

Albert W.

Shannon Z.

Leo J.

Eva C.

Dennis D.

Albert W.

Tony L.

Jason W.

Celine W.

Lingshan Z.


Eva C.

Copy Editors:

Eva C.

Editor in Chief:

Howard X.


60 second video explaining VIAN.

A YouTube channel for VIAN needs to be set up

Future Community Engagement Events

Spring Break (3/26/2016 - 4/3/2016) 2 hours: ROV Office Tour

3/26/2016  (Saturday) 3:00pm - 6:00pm: Walk the Precinct 

Tentative: Benefit Concert


Currently, the back of the VIAN T-Shirt is blank.

The empty space on the back will be left for sponsors.

Walk the Precinct

Frequency: 2 weeks - 1 Month

Currently, WtP is always held on a Saturday. 

A strong cause needs to be present to bring more people in.

Each WtP needs to be unique.

Possible cities:

  • Tustin
  • Yorba Linda
  • Irvine

Teams will be decided when they sign in at the beginning of the event.

  • There can only be a maximum of 6 people per team.

VIAN Walk the Precinct Team Systems Google Document


- State Name of Organization.

- Know what you are talking about.

- Don't read off a script.

- Don't step on other people's lawns.

- Don't be too close to the doors.

- Don't trespass.

- Be polite.

Board Member Attendance

Board members are allowed to miss 3 consecutive board meetings.

If you are not going to be present at the meeting, you must email ahead of time with a legitimate reason, which, if the reason makes  sense, will excuse you.

If you are not present at the meeting, the meeting minutes must be viewed. Then you must offer opinions about the meeting.

For far away members, VIAN is considering using webcams to communicate.

If you have to leave early, you must stay for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Next meeting is scheduled on 3/27/2016 (Sunday) at 4:00pm. It may be adjusted

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Last Updated: 3/13/2016