Youth Voting Involvement Association

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Voting Involvement Association Nonprofit (VIAN)

 Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2016

President Albert Wen called the meeting to order at 2:00pm

Albert W. (President)
Shannon Z., Leo J., Dennis D. (Vice President)
Brenda C. (Secretary)
Howard X. (Magazine Editor in Chief)
Jason W. (Fundraising Officer)
Tony D., Ethan L. (Community Service Coordinator)

Veronica M., Eva C., Allison C. (Media Coordinator)

Jason W. (Fundraising Officer)

Jack P., Easton Z., Irfan de V., Tony L.
Grace L., Wendy Z., Jane W., Kristy C. (Parents)
Jun Z. (IBM, Adult Supervisor)


Guest Speakers

VIAN invited guest speakers Gang Chen and Sukhee Kang to come in and talk to the members of VIAN. Gang Chen came in at the very beginning of the meeting and Sukhee Kang's campaign manager came in at the end of the meeting.

Members were encouraged to ask questions.


OC Register flyer money was collected.

The rocket team, including members Albert and Shannon, won 5th place in the national competition and helped gain money for VIAN.


Publication will be printed.

Howard has prepared an outline for the publication.

VIAN is looking into including ads into the publication.

Board Member Elections

Since the making of VIAN, board member positions have been selected on a free for all basis. Soon, there will be elections for board member positions and the free or all selections will be closed.

Mock Elections 

Irvine High School is planning a mock election in September.

Woodbridge High School and Sage Hill School are looking into mock elections at the schools.

Over the Summer

Megan V., VIAN Community Service Coordinator, is contacted the Incredible Edible Farm for an opportunity to volunteer there over the summer.
Possible communication methods include Google Hangouts, MySpace, and LINE.

Taking Action

VIAN is considering offering volunteer services to all candidates. Those who volunteer will be doing it as individuals, but VIAN will be providing opportunities to volunteer.

VIAN is also considering to become a nonpartisan media source.


President Albert suggested creating a clutter free email to better organize and recognize important incoming emails.

Board Member Attendance

Board members are allowed to miss 3 consecutive board meetings.

If you are not going to be present at the meeting, you must email ahead of time with a legitimate reason, which, if the reason makes  sense, will excuse you.

If you are not present at the meeting, the meeting minutes must be viewed. Then you must offer opinions about the meeting.

For far away members, VIAN is considering using webcams to communicate.

If you have to leave early, you must stay for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If members miss 3 or more consecutive meetings, there will be chances to redeem themselves and to become a board member again.

Board members that are located in a different county are allowed an exception, but attendance is still important.

Next meeting is scheduled on 5/29/2016 (Sunday) at 2:00pm.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Last Updated: 5/22/2016