Youth Voting Involvement Association

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President's Volunteer Service Awards

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States through presidential recognition to live a life of service.

Please see the official website for Criteria and Eligibility. Here is what you need to do to obtain the President's Volunteer Service Awards:

1. Please bring your high school's volunteer log sheet and have VIA officers OR have an adult supervisor sign the form for your hours of service after volunteering with VIA. If you do not need to return volunteer logs to your school and would like to use the VIA volunteer log form, you can download it here.

2. Keep a copy of your school's volunteer log sheets before turning them in to your school. VIA needs the copy to verify your total volunteer hours with VIA when you apply for President's Volunteer Service Awards.

3. Log your hours by creating a profile on the President’s Volunteer Service Award website  using the Record of Service Key: GBN-1023 to identify Voting Involvement Association Nonprofit as your institution. Once your forms and logs are completed, VIA will certify your hours and order your award.

Your recognition inspires others to take positive action to change the world! Learn more at