Youth Voting Involvement Association

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Howard: "We had great support from some of the residents, very encouraging. It was nervous at the beginning, but we soon got over it. Overall, participating in the event with my friends was fun and I feel accomplished. "

Brenda: "Walk the Precinct was a very good opportunity to experience. We had a lot of support from community members and it felt nice to know that we were taking action to make sure everyone's voice is heard."

Megan: "It was fun, a completely different experience to me. I will do this again! I will be nice to the people next time when I open the door."

Albert: "The volunteers there were especially helpful with the event. We could not have made this event possible without their support, and I am grateful that they took time out of their day to speak to strangers."

Dennis: "I had a wonderful time yesterday and it was a great experience that enhanced both my leadership and speaking skills."

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What Students Learned From Walk the Precinct